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ANGEL COMMUNITY COLLEGE is a social entrepreneurial venture started by Mr. Tejalsinh Rathwa (Founder of ANGEL COMMUNITY COLLEGE & Angel Community College) and Ms. Anisha Indulkar ( Angel Education Institute) in the domain of skill development and training programs. Our key objective is to make skill development opportunities accessible to a cross-section of society across India and achieve excellence across sectors to maximize impact and efficiency. We have leveraged our strong network with the industry across sectors to forge annuity business partnerships. Our aim is to work with organizations who share and support our endeavor of improving people’s lives through skill development and sustainable employment solutions.

ANGEL COMMUNITY COLLEGE is a non for profit organization established in 2017 with a vision to improve people’s lives and livelihoods through education and skills enhancement.

A part of the ANGEL COMMUNITY COLLEGE family, Skills for India is the manifestation of a vision to facilitate transformative change by empowering and enhancing the employability of the Indian youth; leveraging the power of education to build bridges between rural communities and the urban economy and make skill development opportunities inclusive and accessible to a cross-section of society.

Run as a UGC Section Guideline and owned by the promoters of ANGEL COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Skills for India focuses primarily on improving employability through vocational training and bringing progressive social transformation through strategic multi-stakeholder partnerships.